Search, Find,
Check, Decide.

  • B2B TPRM due diligence tool.
  • Enriched information radar about your third-parties.
  • Enabling you to make
    intelligent business decisions.


a transparent score and build
your risk profiles with our indicator toolbox.

  • Different sources and indicators
    can be selected.
  • Live scoring and screening for
    all companies worldwide.
  • Complete, interactive and real-time
    on each company and person.
  • Monitoring of specific behaviors
    based on risk.


and optimize your
compliance management.

  • Collaborative interface,
    thought of for teams and tailor-made.
  • Customizable to fit with any
    corporate policies.
  • Interaction with third parties
    through questionnaires.
  • A.I. tools turn data into relevant insights
    to manage
    actions and decisions.


and keep control while
monitoring the relation.

  • Easy to customize for follow-ups.
  • Intelligent and tailor-made monitoring.
  • Alerts to keep you informed.
  • Intuitive, agile and easy to use.

Why flair is different

  • Multi Sources

    We understand that the data required to provide global coverage is not available in a central database. The required data comes from multiple sources. Hence, Flair is designed to be data-agnostic, meaning the product can be fed with data coming from multiple partners and the client itself.

  • EU-based

    The data of our clients stay in Europe and can't be exposed to other jurisdictions. We ensure this by working with a local cloud provider where we process and save the data in a secure environment.

  • Fits your needs

    Flair is easily customizable to fit with your own corporate policies and workflows so your team doesn’t need to jump across multiple interfaces to get their job done.

  • Intelligent

    Data is not enough, with artificial intelligence tools, Flair turns data into relevant insights articulated around the procurement and compliance processes. To help teams work efficiently, Flair enables teams to take actions and decisions while keeping an auditable trace.

Data Partners

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